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Adding layers

The Flex Geoportal API enables adding WMTS, WMS, WFS, KML, GPX and GeoRSS layers.

It is important to note that Geoportal layers are projected under a specific projection (IGNF:GEOPORTAL*, IGNF:MILLER, See RIG). As such, any other image based service (like WMS, WMTS, WMS-C and al) has to be :

  • either in the same projection (mandatory for IGNF:MILLER);
  • or in plate-carre (EPSG:4326 or equivalent).

The Geoportal API also allows to display Geoportal's layers in plate-carre (IGNF:RGF93G, compatible with EPSG:4326) and other layers must be under the same plate-carre projection.

Adding a WMTS, WMS, WFS, KML, GPX or GeoRSS layer can be done in three ways:

In JavaScript, using the loader

See this section: Adding externel layers using the loader.

In the Flash application, in MXML

This method is recommended if you want a static loading of the layer. More information here.

In the Flash application, in ActionScript

This method is used when you want to add the layer dynamically. More information here.