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Javascript WEB 2D API 
Flex WEB 2D API 

The Geoportal's API aims at bringing reference datasets to any application, thus allowing overlays between users' datasets and the reference datasets.

The following diagram shows the overall architecture of Geoportal APIS :


The above diagram shows three main parts :

  • server-side components :

    Datastores are located there. They are either managed through database software (postgreSQL, mySQL, Oracle, Informix, ArcSDE, etc ...) or directly filesystem based like folders or caches.

  • service-side components :

    They are accessed through services (Web Map Service, Web Feature Service, ...) or by usual HTTP file transfers (Keyhole Markup Language, ...).

    The access to these services is under access rights protection: each request to servers is sent with an access key.

  • client-side components :

    The API's client is loaded there.


The WEB 2D API allows integrating Geoportal reference datasets into a website via a mapping clients. It is available in two programming languages : JavaScript and Flex.

Javascript WEB 2D API

The Javascript WEB 2D API allows you to create maps in a few lines of HTML into your web site.

Designed and developed in Javascript on top of the OpenLayers library (open source software under BSD license), it acts as an overlay by adding new functionalities and widgets.

Releases are built on different OpenLayers releases.

For more information, see Change Log.

All of these functionalities are directly and simply accessible through the Geoportal.Map class. The latter provides few methods to do the job.

Developers can also use OpenLayers API while using the Geoportal API.


Designed and developed in Flex on top of the OPENSCALES open source project (LGPL v3 license), the MXML/ActionScript WEB 2D API acts as an overlay by adding new functionalities and widgets.

It enables integrating Geoportal Data into a flash application. un example is given here.

The use of the Flex Web 2D API is not encouraged due to the obsolete status of the flash technology.

Virtual Globe 3D API

Designed and developed in Javascript, the 3D API enables integrating the virtual globe VirtualGeo with Geoportal Data. An example is given here.