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Historical of versions

Releases of the JavaScript WEB 2D API are built on different OpenLayers releases :

Date of releaseVersionFunctionalities
March, 31th 20152.1.2Bug fixes release. . 
See Change Log.
November, 24th 20142.1.1Geoportal Altimetric Service management. 
See Change Log.
May, 27th 20142.1OpenLayers 2.12, new compilation management. 
See Change Log.
July, 9th 20122.0Access to the Geoportail 3 infrastructure. Remplacement of WMS-C by WMTS standard. GeoDRM refactoring... 
See Change Log.
February, 20th 20121.3OpenLayers 2.11, introduction of OpenLayers.UI, interfaces with viewer and loader featuring upcoming 2.0 release (mid-2012). 
See Change Log.
January, 17th 20111.2OpenLayers 2.10, vector datasets are now loaded through the use of OpenLayers.Protocol and OpenLayers.Strategy without impact on the API itself in order to get closer to OpenLayers 3.0.
August, 2nd 20101.1OpenLayers 2.9.1.
March, 15th 20101.0OpenLayers 2.8, primary support of ExtendedData in KML. See Change Log
WMS (1.3.0) and WFS (1.1.0) capabilities parsing.  
OpenLS is now GeoDRM protected.
May, 6th 20091.0beta4Viewer and Map are now distinguished for preparing upcoming 1.0 version : it is necessary to modify web pages to switch to 1.0beta4 as stated in Change Log
Introduction of minimum, standard and extended APIs. OpenLS (Location Utility Service) search engine support added. Experimental.
November, 4th 20081.0beta3OpenLayers 2.7, primary Geoconcept export writer. 
No more Prototype and dependencies. 
New EditingToolbar and layerSwitcher components. 
Documentation based now on NaturalDocs. 
World zoom level activated.
July, 1st 20081.0beta2OpenLayers 2.6, more GPX support.
June, 4th 20081.0beta1Bug fixes, some 2.6 features and primary GPX support.
April, 28th 20081.0betaOpenLayers 2.5 with projection support.

For more information, see Change Log.