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Compiling the API


First step is to download the API sources (See Download).

The API project uses Maven for being compiled and installed. Python is also used for Javascript compression, as well as Perl for using a local CGI proxy.

API organisation

A README.TXT file can be found at the root of the source code. It explains how to launch the compilation process et deploy the genrated packages (Javascript files to deploy and HTML naturaldocs files).

The directory where the Javascript source codes reside is src/main/javascript. This directory is divided into several entries :

geoportalThe API source code
openlayersThe source code of OpenLayers used by the API
proj4jsThe source code of PROJ4JS for reprojection handling
flexThe swfobject script which handles communication with SWF objects

The openlayers and proj4js directories contain the original source codes. Any modifications made on these libraries are located into the geoportal/lib directory :

GeoportalContains the main source codes of the API. The overall structure is the same as OpenLayers.
OpenLayersContains the OverloadedOpenLayersMinimum.js, OverloadedOpenLayersStandard.js and OverloadedOpenLayersExtended.js files.
proj4jsContains the OverloadedProj4js.js file as well as the catalogues and projCode directories. The former holds a partial EPSG catalogue and the IGNF catalogue. These catalogues describes spatial reference systems used by the API. The latter directory contains new algorithms used in the API whenever necessary.